D3 and concert photography

Todd Owyoung posted his impressions about the Nikon D3 regarding high ISO performance based on his experience as a concert photographer:

For concert photography, the D3 is nothing short of manna from heaven for the Nikon shooter.

If you like concert photos, you will enjoy his site….

Michael Reichmann (Luminous Landscape): 2 stops above Canon

Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape has posted a statement about the high ISO capabilities of the Nikon D3:

“So here, completely anecdotally at this point, is what I see, and keep in mind that I also own and shoot with a 1Ds MKIII, a 5D, and have shot hundreds of thousands of frames with all of the previous Canon pro cameras as well.
The Nikon D3 is a significant step up in high ISO image quality over any other camera from any other company. My guess is that it represents a real world improvement of at least 2 stops over anything I’ve yet worked with or seen.”

D3 and 600/4 and a teleconverter…

Joshua Buck, a photojournalist at a newspaper in Colorado, mentions that the D3 is even usable for him with a 600mm f/4 and a 1.4x teleconverter at ISO 5000:

There is nothing like shooting with a night game with a 600mm f/4 and a 1.4x teleconverter at ISO 5000! What an amazing camera”

D300 – vast improvement or myth?

Until I have read a detailled test made by a reviewer I trust I think the improvement of the D300 on the D200 is about 1 stop. But Ed at Nikon Cafe is claiming a much greater improvement in this thread at Nikon Cafe:

“Been shooting a D300 all morning.

There is most definitely, absolutely, positively, leave-there-no-doubt-whatsoever a HUGE improvement in the RAW data from the D200 to the D300.

I would say the D300 comes close to par with the 5D. And before anyone challenges that, I have over 20,000 high ISO images worth of 5D experience. I also own 2 D200s.”


“They did something! I can hardly believe it.

I would guess it is improvement in the quality of what they capture and more likely they are removing noise in the RAW data.

In ACR, they behave a lot like 5D files. Even at ISO 3200. I’m not just being a fanboy here!

I saw this in Gale’s image. That’s why I bought one. You have to try this stuff in light YOU know. Shooting at things you have shot thousands of times before. Then you get goosebumps!”

Comparison of Nikon D3 and Canon 1DMkIII

Two new comparisions between the high end models of Nikon and Canon are available, the first one at Popphoto.

The second one is a thread at Dpreview, starting out here and  with pictures to compare here. UPDATE: A new thread comparing the two with new pictures!

Of course, one might question the sense of the comparision between a 21 MP and a 12 MP camera, nonetheless it’s interesting 🙂