Scott Kelby: Nikon vs Canon at the Major League Baseball

Scott Kelby was in Atlanta to to shoot the Atlanta Braves vs. the Washington Nationals and has an interesting thing to note:

“What a difference a year makes: The Nikons outnumbered the Canons (only by one, mind you, but come on—that’s sayin’ something).”

Nikon D3 review on Dpreview

I quote

“From an image quality and performance point of view the D3 raises the bar by a fair degree. For a sports camera it’s also a surprisingly good studio and landscape camera, and if there’s a better DSLR out there for photojournalists and red carpet paps we’ve yet to meet it. Image quality (especially at higher ISOs) is stunning, the camera a joy to use and the speed and responsiveness breathtaking. If there is an EOS-1Ds Mark III – bating ‘D3X’ coming this year it will have quite a job to do to better the D3; possibly the most compelling, capable and well-rounded professional digital SLR ever made.”

But read the full article.

New features for Nikon D3 via new firmware

Nikon has released a new D3 firmware giving the D3 new features:

  • new Vignette control in the shooting menu
  • new Focus point brightness item in the a6 setting
  • range of settings available for ISO sensitivity settings>ISO sensitivity auto control>Minimum shutter speed in the shooting menu has been increased from 1/250–1 s to 1/4000–1 s

D3 review by Richard Costin

Nature photographer Richard Costin has posted a D3 review:

“There is no denying it, this is an expensive camera aimed squarely at demanding pros and very serious amateurs, but is it worth the price tag? Based on my experiences thus far, Yes. Expensive it is but you get so much camera for your money. Especially in contrast to Canon’s £6000 megapixel upgrade, the 1Ds mkIII (not to say that that isn’t a fine camera, but it’s not for me).

All in all Nikon have delivered big time with the D3, and it represents definite milestone in DSLR history. When paired with the 200-400 I feel this now represents one of the best combination for wildlife photography that has ever been available. It is becoming clear that Nikon weren’t lying when they said this camera was designed exclusively based on real photographer’s requests, needs and feedback. Not perfect, but damn close! “

D3 and concert photography

Todd Owyoung posted his impressions about the Nikon D3 regarding high ISO performance based on his experience as a concert photographer:

For concert photography, the D3 is nothing short of manna from heaven for the Nikon shooter.

If you like concert photos, you will enjoy his site….