What Adobe thinks about their customers

Adobe recently announced that they will no longer develop the Creative Suite software so the “Creative Cloud” with its monthly subscription will be the only way to get access to newer versions of Photoshop etc. Without no doubt, Adobe wants to boost its revenue and without no doubt, they ignore the needs of their customers. If you as an Adobe customer feel that this move is against your needs, tell them.

If you want to know what Adobes CEO Shantanu Narayen thinks about customers and their opinion see the video below. Basically, the “dialogue” works this way:

  • “How can you justifiy the higher price of CS6?” “Adobe Creative Cloud is the future.”
  • “Australians are simply being price gouged.” “Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the future.”
  • “What about people who want to buy the software?” “Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the future.”
  • “Don’t you think customers will get angry?” “Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the future.”
  • “Blah blah blah” “Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the future.”


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

Adobe is updating its popular RAW processing tool Lightroom to version 3 featuring

  • a new RAW processing engine (same as in CS5) with major performance improvements
  • profile based lens correction
  • tethered  shooting for some Canon and Nikon lenses
  • management of video files
  • new import dialog with previews
  • support for synchronization with Flickr (supported directly) and other communities (via plugins)
  • printing layouts
  • export of slideshows as video files

The update is availble for $99 (or $299 for new users).

Adobe Lightroom 2.4 and Camera Raw 5.4

Adobe has releaseed Lightroom 2.4 and Camera Raw 5.4!