Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

Adobe is updating its popular RAW processing tool Lightroom to version 3 featuring

  • a new RAW processing engine (same as in CS5) with major performance improvements
  • profile based lens correction
  • tethered  shooting for some Canon and Nikon lenses
  • management of video files
  • new import dialog with previews
  • support for synchronization with Flickr (supported directly) and other communities (via plugins)
  • printing layouts
  • export of slideshows as video files

The update is availble for $99 (or $299 for new users).

D300: one stop better than the D200

Jeff at the Dpreview forum got to play with the D300 for a few hours. He approves that the D300 is indeed 1 to 1.33 stops better in the noise department.

“I took identical shots with my D200 at ISO400 and the D300 at ISO800 and higher. I would estimate that the D300 is 1 to 1.33 stops better in the noise department. However, since the D300’s base ISO is 200, this is to be expected. Don’t expect a revolutionary change over the D200. However even one f-stop is nothing to complain about.”

He made a few further observations about auto-focus, 14-bit RAW mode and so on. Read the full text at Dpreview