Funny Nikon D700 Billboard Ad

So funny I had to share it with you – marketing at it’s best: This isn’t a simple billboard – Nikon rolled out a red carpet and when you pass the ad all the flashes fire!

Funny D700 ad

Funny D700 ad

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D700 shoots video

Olivier Giroux has used the Nikon SDK (software development kit) to write a software to catch videos with the Nikon D700 – it really works:

Detailled Nikon D700 review by Dpreview

Dpreview has posted the awaited detailled D700 review. No really news but a serious test about pros and cons. I quote:

“The D700’s most obvious strength though is its high ISO performance (which again is very similar to the D3’s)”

“Speed wise the D700 is as good as it gets in this class of camera.”

First reviews and posts about the Nikon D700

Dpreview already has a Nikon D700 hand-on Preview and Thom Hogan writes about not only the D700 but also about Nikon, his guess about the future and the D3X. Rob Galbraith mainly writes about choosing between the D3 and the D700.

French D700 video

Here is a french video of the D700: