Last but not least: Thom Hogans D300 review

Thom Hogan has posted his review of the Nikon D300.

“We’ve seen plenty of examples of aggressive design decisions from Nikon in their eight years of DSLR making, but the D300 is amongst the most aggressive of all”

But read yourself as Thom Hogan is known for his critical views. BTW, his D300 guide will be available for pre-order next week. If his new guide is as good as the D2H I have from him I highly recommend this book.

Thom Hogans new predictions

Thom Hogan has updated his site with three new articles and one of it is a prediction for Nikon 2008 – as always an interesting read…

Thom Hogan: D3 or D300?

The well respected Thom Hogan has written a short article about the differences between Nikon D3 and D300: FX or DX format, High ISO capabilites, size, wide angle of view, pixel density and more…