Now it’s official: Nikon D700 – the little D3

In the new issue of the German magazine ProfiFoto dating July 1st is a detailled description of the new Nikon D700:

Same 12 Megapixel sensor as in the D3
5 pictures per second
95% viewer
sensor cleaning system
price between D300 and D3

Also Nikon will show the new flash SB-900.

Nikon D700

Nikon still optimizing the D300 firmware

According to this thread at Dpreview Nikon is still optimizing the D300 firmware and we will have to wait further two weeks until we see high ISO images made with the D300 on Nikons site. If this it true, I wonder if they will keep their shipment shedule…

BTW,  for all those still hungry for samples from the D3, this thread also contains a picture made with the D3 at ISO1600.

Delivery dates for all the new toys

Today Nikon announced delivery dates for all the new toys (Nikon D3, D300, all the lenses), at least for Japan:

D3: November 30th
D300: November 23rd
14-24, 24-70, 400VR: November 30th
500VR, 600VR: January 2008

And Capture NX is free for the first 300,000 D3 and D300!

Many more samples

 A new comparision between D200 and D300 (70-200/2.8 at 200mm, ISO1600).

Some new D300 and D3 samples.

And additional ones from a Paris show

D3 photos with the final firmware

Andreas posted at the German Nikon forum a link to photos made with the final D3 firmware – see yourself. Most of the pictures were made with the 24-70, some with the 14-24.

Additionally there is a new review at the wetpixel forum.