Canon 1ds MarkII user tests D3

See here what a Canon 1ds MarkII user has to say about the Nikon D3…

A lion stretching in near darkness

A Canon shooter has posted some D3 test pictures made during a trip to Sabi Sand. He states:

 “Well let me tell you something. It was the first time in my life that I shot a photo at ISO 25600. Yes you have seen it correctly. The shot with the lion stretching was done in near darkness. A photo I would never have taken.”

and further about the AF:

“I must say the Autofocus worked effortlessly between those grasses and twigs. It picked the leopard up with ease and kept the focus on it”

Note: the thread contains 100% crops, too, just scroll a bit…

Comparision D200/D300 and more D3 pics

To bridge the time until D3/D300 are delivered here is a comparision D200/D300 on a Czech site and some more photos made with the D3

The photographer answers some questions regarding his comparision at the Dpreview forum in this thread.

D3: bird pictures, further first-hand experiences and a hot discussion

Yves P. answerd questions about the D3 and states “First impressions are not good but excellent.” In another posting at Dpreview he shows impressive bird pictures (much detail of the feathers!). Update: New samples from Yves.

There are a few high ISO D3 shots available in a french blog.

Last but not least, at the Nikon Cafe you will find a hot discussion about “What does 14-bit A/D buy you?” …

Nikon 14-24 sample pictures, taken with a D200

Fredrik A. Rasmussen has done some sample pictures with the new 14-24/2.8…
Nikon 14-24/2.8

not only with the D3 (currently not shown on his site due to restrictions by Nikon) but also with the D200. He states:

“I did test the lens on the D3 and it’s simply amazing, this lens is wide! The lens is virtually free of distortions. On the D200 with the 1.5x crop the lens is 21-36mm, still wide, but compared to the D3 with it’s FX(full frame) sensor it’s just sad.”

Continue at his site