New features for Nikon D3 via new firmware

Nikon has released a new D3 firmware giving the D3 new features:

  • new Vignette control in the shooting menu
  • new Focus point brightness item in the a6 setting
  • range of settings available for ISO sensitivity settings>ISO sensitivity auto control>Minimum shutter speed in the shooting menu has been increased from 1/250–1 s to 1/4000–1 s

New D300 firmware A 1.02

Nikon has released a new firmware A 1.02 for the D300 (downloadable at your Nikon site). Akkording to Nikon it solves a rare problem of vertical stripes if exposure is > 8 seconds.

Nikon still optimizing the D300 firmware

According to this thread at Dpreview Nikon is still optimizing the D300 firmware and we will have to wait further two weeks until we see high ISO images made with the D300 on Nikons site. If this it true, I wonder if they will keep their shipment shedule…

BTW,  for all those still hungry for samples from the D3, this thread also contains a picture made with the D3 at ISO1600.