Andy Rouse is glad about the D3

Andy Rouse, professional wildlife photographer and a winner in the Shell/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards both this year and in years past and photographer on Animal Planet and a Canon Shooter has the following to say about the Nikon D3:

“I have been testing the D3 all week and in my opinion it is far better than any of the Canons, and this is from a dedicated Canon pro. The high ISO performance is better IMHO than the 1D MK3, so is the autofocus. The images also have a much better dynamic range, one look at the histograms compared to the 1DS MK3 show that. I have been shooting both cameras alongside each other and I have given up the MK3 as it is too slow to do much.”

Read also his complete D3 review!

Dynamic range versus ISO: from D100 up to D3

In a post at the Nikonians there is a comparision between all major Nikon cams: D100, D70, D50, D200, D80, D40x, D2X, D300 and D3, measured based on RAW files  Nikonians submitted. A good and easy way to compare dynamic range, e.g. from the D200 at ISO 200 the D300 is about 1.5 stops better and the D3 about 2 stops better.

Nikon D3: dynamic range and noise

There is an interesting discussion at Dpreview (one of the better threads) about the D3 and the way Nikon handles dynamic range and noise in comparision to Canon. Emil J. Martin explains how to measure dynamic range with dcraw.

D3 and dynamic range

D3 and sensor efficiency