Scott Kelby: Nikon vs Canon at the Major League Baseball

Scott Kelby was in Atlanta to to shoot the Atlanta Braves vs. the Washington Nationals and has an interesting thing to note:

“What a difference a year makes: The Nikons outnumbered the Canons (only by one, mind you, but come on—that’s sayin’ something).”

Scott Kelby: why the D300 is replacing my D2Xs

Scott Kelby, editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, has posted a review of his new Nikon D300 and finally comes to the conclusion…

“the D300 is a much better, more fully featured update to the D200 than I had ever imagined it would be. How much so? Well, needless to say, I’m selling my D200, but I guess what I’m most shocked about is that I’m going to sell my Nikon D2Xs now, too.”