D300 – vast improvement or myth?

Until I have read a detailled test made by a reviewer I trust I think the improvement of the D300 on the D200 is about 1 stop. But Ed at Nikon Cafe is claiming a much greater improvement in this thread at Nikon Cafe:

“Been shooting a D300 all morning.

There is most definitely, absolutely, positively, leave-there-no-doubt-whatsoever a HUGE improvement in the RAW data from the D200 to the D300.

I would say the D300 comes close to par with the 5D. And before anyone challenges that, I have over 20,000 high ISO images worth of 5D experience. I also own 2 D200s.”


“They did something! I can hardly believe it.

I would guess it is improvement in the quality of what they capture and more likely they are removing noise in the RAW data.

In ACR, they behave a lot like 5D files. Even at ISO 3200. I’m not just being a fanboy here!

I saw this in Gale’s image. That’s why I bought one. You have to try this stuff in light YOU know. Shooting at things you have shot thousands of times before. Then you get goosebumps!”

D3, D300 and 5D studio comparision

Christian Handl has done a very interesting comparision between Nikon D3 and Canon 5D at lower ISO settings and in the studio with some interesting comments on dynamic range and the ability to boost shadows without noise:

“The propagated fantastic high ISO-performance is actually very good, but for a Canon photographer less of a sensation, with a maximum of 1 Aperture advantage over the Canon 5 D, I would say after the first comparisons. But in other words, for a Nikon photographer an improvement of 3-4 steps to the D2X, which is a very impressive difference.”


Most surprised me the far greater dynamic range, here are the differences in my recordings to the Canon 5D very large, the cameras were in similar light (same flash unit and similar ISO from 250 to 320) to allow a good comparison. While the black clothes of the model in the 5D were only partly illuminable, with the D3 even the seemingly blackest parts of the dress showed structure without disturbing noise. Very impressive, and in everyday life in many photographic situations more important than MP