Canon EOS 5D Mark II review

The test team at Dpreview has posted a detailled review of the Canon 5D Mark II:

“The 5D Mark II offers similar resolution to the Alpha 900, increases the sensitivity range to ISO 25,600, and offers high ISO/noise performance that gets close to the Nikon D700/D3. In short it – almost – offers the best of both worlds without costing the earth.
So while the 5D Mark II would never be mistaken as a camera aimed at sports or action photographers (thanks to its rather pedestrian AF performance and overall shooting performance), it balances resolution and high ISO performance very well.”

But read the full review yourself here..

Michael Reichmann (Luminous Landscape): 2 stops above Canon

Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape has posted a statement about the high ISO capabilities of the Nikon D3:

“So here, completely anecdotally at this point, is what I see, and keep in mind that I also own and shoot with a 1Ds MKIII, a 5D, and have shot hundreds of thousands of frames with all of the previous Canon pro cameras as well.
The Nikon D3 is a significant step up in high ISO image quality over any other camera from any other company. My guess is that it represents a real world improvement of at least 2 stops over anything I’ve yet worked with or seen.”