Thom Hogan and the Nikon D800: review and book

The highly valued Thom Hogan has posted his D800 review. I quote from his verdict:

“The D800 and D800E are demanding cameras. If you’re buying them for image quality (and I’m not sure why you’d be buying them otherwise), the possible output can be spectacular, but getting there takes work. I suspect the Big Croppers will poo-poo that. They’ll think that they can just treat the D800 like a point and shoot and then crop to get the picture they want. They’ll be disappointed, as diffraction and sloppy camera handling can make those 12mp crops look worse than if you had just used a 12mp camera with the right lens in the first place”

Read the full review here. I only wish he finally would use a better software for creating his website.

He also starts sellings his “Complete Guide to the Nikon D800 and D800E“. In the past I’ve already bought some of his books, they are so much better than the Nikon manuals and you will learn a lot by reading them.