D300 and football

Dave Einsel has posted his D300 sample made at a high shool football game. Here is the link to the gallery (EDIT: the full resolution files are currently down due tue bandwidth problems :))

D300: one stop better than the D200

Jeff at the Dpreview forum got to play with the D300 for a few hours. He approves that the D300 is indeed 1 to 1.33 stops better in the noise department.

“I took identical shots with my D200 at ISO400 and the D300 at ISO800 and higher. I would estimate that the D300 is 1 to 1.33 stops better in the noise department. However, since the D300’s base ISO is 200, this is to be expected. Don’t expect a revolutionary change over the D200. However even one f-stop is nothing to complain about.”

He made a few further observations about auto-focus, 14-bit RAW mode and so on. Read the full text at Dpreview

New D300 hands-on experiences

Here and here

Nikon D3 and Nikon D300 first impressions

Yet another photographer has written about his first impressions of the Nikon D3 and D300. Matjaž Intihar has tested both cameras for two weeks and this is his conclusion about the D3:

“I’m quite sure that if the competitors don’t introduce something major within a year, most reporters will replace their worn out Canon bodies with Nikons. So, regardless of image quality, the ball is back in Canon’s court, and Canon has to kick it hard or lose the game”

New D300 pictures

There is a thread at a japanese forum with some new D300 samples at various ISO levels, with crops from shadow areas – looks promising 🙂