Michael Webers Nikon D3 review

Michael Weber has posted his Nikon D3 review. According to him the D3 has a slight DR advantage over the Canon 1DIII and the new autofocus is very accurate. Some quotes:

Image quality especially at high ISOs above 1600 will set new standards

Literally shocked were some of them (his Canon collegues) when they had a look at my sequences take with the innovative scene recognition system at 9 fps. No matter where the player’s movements were constant or jerky, whether the background was disturbing or very contrasty, or players in the front passed through the scene, the newly designed AF tracking was mostly spot on and very, very accurate.”

Nikon D3 review on SportsShooter and new samples

Matt Brown has posted a D3 review on SportsShooter and obviously he really liked the cam:

“I had said in the past that the F5 was best camera Nikon every made, then came the D2Xs. After shooting for two weeks with the D3, I can say both the F5 and D2Xs or any other camera on the market, can’t touch the advancements in this camera.

After nearly 30,000 frames with D3 I can say that it is a leap ahead of anything on the market. Fast, accurate, rich clean colors and an ISO second to none, are just a few words that can be used to describe the new flagship of Nikon.”

And for those of you after some more D3 pictures I have found a Korean website with plenty D3 pics