New official D3 samples from Nikon (and some more)…

Nikon has released a set of full resolution pictures taken with the D3 by photographers Dave Black, Joe McNally and Michael Corrado. You can find the pictures at the official Nikon USA here but be warned, the server currently is nearly unreachable under the load. Obviously many are interested in the pictures 🙂 If the server is still not available, as an alternative check out Rob Galbraith site, he has the pictures too.

In the meanwhile, the German photograph Rainer Martini has posted his first test pictures made with the D3. Nothing spectacular, but he compares the D2X and the D3 at different ISO levels. See yourself

[Update 1]: Today he posted new examples, D3 pictures at ISO 5000 and he says

even at bad light the pictures are brilliant as if you had taken the pictures at good light. White balance in mode A works perfect!

And another set of examples, this time with both the 17-35 and the 24-70 lenses.

[Update 2]: Today he posted a comparision between Nikon D3 and Canon MkII.