Alex Mustard: the D300 out guns the D2X

Some thoughts by Alex Mustard about the Nikon D3 and the D300 posted here including several test pictures:

“I would also add that I think that the D300 also out guns the D2X. It is a big step on from the D200. DPReview said that the D300 is as much as a step over the D200 as the D200 was over the D100. I am inclined to agree. Although the FX chip D3 is getting all the attention, it was the D300 that really exceeded my expectations.”


“From shooting it today I would say that ISO 6400, 3200 and 1600 on the D3 all looked better than ISO 400 on my D2X”


“I also tried the new 14-24mm – wow. This lens seemed to show sharper corners – possibly because it has been designed for digital, unlike my old 17-35mm? It is also really, really wide. I was testing this with an architectural photographer who is very sensitive to distortion. His comment was that the 14-24mm had slight barrel distortion compared to the slight pincushion distortion of the 12-24mm and 17-35mm.”