Luminous Landscape and an evaluation of the differences between Canon and Nikon

Michael Reichmann, owner of the well known Luminous Landscape site, has posted an interesting “attempt to help Canon users understand what the latest Nikon cameras have to offer, (and visa versa) and how they differ in terms of features, functions and ergonomics”. Two excerpts:

“After being away from Nikon for the better part of a decade and having been immersed in the Canon gestalt since then, I was frankly surprised at the extent to which current Nikon cameras offer feature and function advantages over Canon.”


“For its part the full-frame Nikon D3 is a direct challenge to Canon’s 1 Series, which has dominated the pro marketplace now for more than half a decade. The 1D MKIII is right in the D3’s bore sight, and the D3 matches it or surpasses it in IQ, sensitivity, and resolution.