Xenforo vs. vBulletin – 1:0

Many forum admins follow the neverending saga about the fight vBulletin (Internet Brands) vs. Xenforo, a competing forum software. vBulletin has lost many customers due to

  • broken promises
  • vBulletin becoming outdated software really fast
  • many problems with software quality

As vb/IB obviously weren’t able to compete on quality they even started a baseless law suit against Xenforo and are trying to suck money out of the small company (see David vs. Goliath).

Now this whole drama has finally become a farce: one of Internet Brands sites, classadrivers.com, was using smilies from a Xenforo site and was even hotlinking to them! When the owner of the site noticed it, he changed the smilies on his site to some nice graphics and suddenly, all the posts on the Classadrivers forum showed this:

Internet Brand vs. Xenforo

How funny is that?

It took some time for the Internet Brand “webmasters” to realize that something strange is going on and they took the whole site down:


Internet Brands at its best.

Link to thread on Xenforo

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