Bjørn Rørslett reviews new AF-S 50 1.4G

Bjørn Rørslett already had the new Nikkor AF-S 50 1.4G in his hands:

“The autofocus operational speed won’t set a world record, but for most purposes it suffices well enough”

“The corner fall-off is visible when the lens is set to the widest apertures, but less annoying than seen with the earlier AF-D model. From f/2.8 onwards vignetting is negligible. The barel distortion, typical for this class of lens, is kept under good control”

“Although nano-coating is missing, the new lens handles awkward backlighting and point light sources better than the model it replaces. Ghosting is usually minimal, but when shooting straight into the sun, you tend to be rewarded by a big bur rather weak blue ghost spot. Flare is well controlled, though, and I did not encounter situations in which flare was an issue for my shooting with the AFS 50 G”

The new model is an evolution of the older lens, so you don’t need to rush out to purchase it unless you can only work with AFS, but anyone looking for an excellently performing normal lens should consider the G carefully.”

Read the full review at Rørsletts site.

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