Nikon D3: first hand experiences (part 2)

InsideDigitalPhoto has a lengthy interview with Vincent Versace.


Cliff Mautner not only shows a few marvelous wedding photos shot with the D3, he also shares his views about the camera. And guess what, his first impressions where mind blowing!


As some questioned Ed Betz motives when he posted his friendly review of the new D3 here is his answer at the Dpreview forum:

“Yes, I’m a professional photographer, former Nikon shooter and I now shoot Canon. I have shot the MarkIII (A few weeks ago at the US Open in New York) and I stopped shooting it 1 match.

I have images from both the Mark III and the D3 and sadly (for me) the D3 was hands down better. They were not even in the same class.

The D3 focused faster and more accurate then the Mark III (or my Mark II) and as for high iso images, they are not even in the same league. The D3, in my professional opinion, produced images at 3200 iso that compare with 800 iso in the Mark III I used.

I don’t report this as a Nikon user to gloat (I’m a Canon shooter). It was however my actual experience having used both cameras and having images from both cameras on my computer.

As for my experience with cameras, reviews, testing and noise, I’d suggest you do a quick google search on my name and the D1, D2H, Mark II and others. You will find that I have done extensive noise testing, that was reported on many other websites and my reports were accurate and honest.

I have no axe to grind with any camera company. I had the opportunity to shoot a D3 and I simply reported my honest experience.”

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