First test report on Nikon D5: killer AF and low ISO

Ole J Liodden had a Nikon D5 for two months and made 50,000 exposures. He now posted a very interesting field review:

  • He reports serious improvements when using long lenses and speaks about a killer AF: “This is a big upgrade, and made photographing with 600/4.0 lens and 2.0X extender even in low light conditions possible.”
  • “Based on the jpg-files I have reviewed and edited, the image quality up to ISO 12 800 looks very clean. I would not have any problems including most of these ISO 12 800 images in my image bank or for high quality printing”
  • “Based on what I can see in the jpeg-files the High ISO performance is seriously improved”
  • He ends with “sets new standards especially regarding the AF-system and High ISO performance”

Read the full D5 report at his site.

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