Pentax 645Z – a significant step forward for medium format

In the light of the Nikon D810 release I want to bring your attention to another very interesting new camera, albeit from a very different category: the medium format camera Pentax 645Z. Many DSLR users have always looked across the fence and found medium format not only expensive, but also very difficult to shoot. Maybe times are changing.

As Ming Thein says “Everybody who’s used medium format digital previously will be extremely cautious with the camera and slowly be surprised that they do not need to be; DSLR upgraders will shoot it without the benefit of context and not understand what the big fuss is about. I personally think this camera represents a significant step forward for medium format; it’s no longer as intimidating and the results can now compete with DSLRs under almost all conditions. Of course, high shot discipline and care will always pay off; those who have it will be rewarded with extraordinary image quality.”

Phantastic review made by Ming Thein, lengthy and full of interesting pictures.
Comparision of 645D, 645Z, D800E and Hasselblad CFV-39
Dpreview review
Review on Youtube by Tony Northrup

Oliver Wright, A Weekend With the Pentax 645Z
Ming Thein Flickr
Pentax 645Z

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