Nikon D300s, the upgrade to the D300

Nikon introduces the Nikon D300s as an upgrade to the sucessfull mid-level DSLR D300. The main differences:

  • 720p HD video with autofocus while recording (a major improvement)
  • socket for external microphone
  • quiet drive mode (a long awaited feature!)
  • improved continuous shooting (7fps vs. 6fps)
  • Live View and Info buttons
  • own ‘OK’ button in multi controller
  • virtual horizon
  • SD card slot in addition to existing CF slot (probably a concession to upgraders)

All in all, not a major upgrade but a good one!

New cameras from Nikon on it’s way

Nikon has sheduled three press conferences on July 30th and August 4th, one in Austria and two in Sweden. As always, it is not 100% clear what new cameras they will release but maybe some new Coolpixes and a revised model of the D300, the D300s.

Thom Hogans speculation about a Nikon D400

Thom Hogan has posted some speculation about a D400 under the titel “PMA pondering“. He says “Personally, if I had to place a bet, I’d say late spring.”

D90 sample pictures AND videos

Now that the camera is announced we already see the first sample pictures and videos made with the D90:

Official Nikon demo videos comparing with traditional camcorders

The biggest drawback in my eyes is that the autofocus doesn’t work in video mode.

Of course the camera is also capable to take pictures: 🙂

Dpreview D90 sample gallery

Nikon D90 is here

Nikon announced the new D90, successor to the D80. As expected it features

  • 12 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
  • 3″ 920.000 pixel monitor
  • Image sensor cleaning
  • Live View with contrast-detect AF and face detection
  • Movie capture at up to 1280 x 720 (720p) 24 fps with mono sound
  • IS0 200-3200 range (boosted 100-6400)
  • 4.5 frames per second continuous shooting
  • New optional compact GPS unit for hot shoe

Dpreview posted a hands-on preview.

Chase Jarvis already had the camera and posted a D90 video to YouTube.