Nikon D3s goes to space

Nikon announced today that NASA is buying 11 Nikon D3s to be used in the International Space Station (ISS).

Nasa will use stock cameras without any modifications. Nikons history with NASA goes back to 1971 and Apollo 15. One of the wonderful views the crew maybe will photograph:

Moose Peterson: ISO 6400 on the Nikon D3s is like 1600 on the D3

Moose Peterson reports

“I really wasn’t expecting to see what I’m seeing in the results from the D3s. I have NO hesitation in recommending shooting at ISO 1600! Will I do it, I’m not that kinda shooter, did it today just to learn what the camera can do. In my mind, ISO 1600 is like ISO 400 or less on the D3. ISO 6400 on the D3s is like 1600 on the D3”

Why that? After asking Nikon he was told that the sensor in the D3s is not a tweaked version but a brand new one. Read more…

Nikon D3s test by a wedding photographer

Louis Pang has written an interesting review about the Nikon D3s and the new 70-200/2.8 VRII showing some interesting high ISO pictures. The review is based on the shooting of a wedding and according to him, ISO 12800 is very good and even ISO 25600 seems to be usable!

Read more…

Nikon D3s high ISO samples

Here are the first Nikon D3s high ISO samples:

Manny Gonzalez shows videos and high ISO pictures
Nikon Japan D3s gallery

Nikon D3s: high speed and video

Nikon introduces a new version of its professional DSLR D3: the Nikon D3s features 720p HD video recording and an astonishing sensitivity of up to ISO 102,400. The camera also has an increased buffer size for 48 RAW frames, a faster contrast detect AF in Live View and in-camera RAW-processing. To the Nikon press release.